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Your guide to banking and financial-services dynamics

While the financial-services industry has weathered the ongoing pandemic, the next few years could prove pivotal. As the world marks International Day of Banks, revisit several recent reports and articles that offer perspective on how banking and financial-services more broadly have fared, and what could lie ahead. Dive deeper for insights on:

  • the state of the banking industry around the world, and the valuation gap between leading institutions and others that's widening
  • the outlook for global payments, including digital currencies, payments-adjacent revenue models, and more
  • ways to improve the $5.2 trillion global trade finance ecosystem
  • the rapid growth in global wealth and its implications
  • carbon markets and what institutional investors should know

McKinsey’s Global Banking Annual Review

The 2021 McKinsey Global Payments Report

Reconceiving the global trade finance ecosystem

The rise and rise of the global balance sheet: How productively are we using our wealth?

Putting carbon markets to work on the path to net zero