The potential of gen AI in maximizing cloud value

If it seems like gen AI will touch every aspect of tech and business in coming years, well, the possibility certainly exists. At AWS re:Invent, we expect to learn how gen AI can impact organizations’ migrations to the cloud. In a recent article, authors including senior partner Will Forrest argue that emerging generative AI technology stands to significantly boost organizations’ ROI when it comes to cloud. And it’s not just us that think so: nearly 80 CTOs and cloud leaders we convened this fall agree that gen AI stands to shift the cloud value equation. How can organizations seize the opportunity? Two ways: first, using cloud to support gen AI initiatives, and second, using gen AI to accelerate cloud programs. For more on what’s becoming possible, check out the insights below. And bookmark this page for a weeklong series on the topics that will headline this year’s #reInvent.

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