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Space, outside the movies

The future of space is looking up: over 70 countries now have dedicated space stations, representing efforts around the world to reach for the stars. Private company spending on space ventures topped $10 billion in 2021—an all-time high—flowing both into research and development and into the nascent space tourism industry. Experts are also beginning to look toward not only joyrides but business in space, including “space for space” industry conducted far from the surface of Earth. To celebrate #StarWarsDay, do or do not explore (there is no try) our insights to discover:

  • the biggest sources of public and private space funding
  • the future of the “space for space” industry
  • the dangers of the 27,000 pieces of space junk in orbit
  • how to create a better design than the Death Star

Look out below: What will happen to the space debris in orbit?

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