Reflections from COP26

With UN climate talks in the rearview, it’s clear that net-zero commitments are rising, but the net-zero equation is not yet solved. So what do CEOs need to know for 2022 and beyond? Get up to speed with highlights from all of McKinsey’s sessions at COP26, and dive deeper with these insights to uncover:

  • the fundamental chords that would all need to be resolved in concert, if not in unison, for a net-zero transition to materialize
  • how portfolio-alignment tools can help facilitate needed changes to existing approaches to climate strategy
  • global examples of innovative ways to build resilience against climate hazards
  • the areas of technology with considerable promise, and potential obstacles, along the path to scale

COP26 made net zero a core principle for business. Here’s how leaders can act

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Author Talks

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Reflections from COP26: What CEOs need to know for 2022 and beyond

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