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On Women’s Equality Day, a look at the path to gender parity

More than a century after women earned the right to vote, they still fall behind in workforce representation, earnings, leadership roles, and unpaid work. The past two years have seen women tackling disproportionate “double shifts”—work roles, as well as unpaid household responsibilities and caregiving duties, as discussed in a recent Future of America podcast episode featuring McKinsey Global Institute director and senior partner Kweilin Ellingrud. With burnout on the rise, and women still significantly underrepresented in a variety of fields, the broken rung is still holding women back. This #WomensEqualityDay, don’t miss these insights on the many contributions of working women and the path toward achieving gender parity, including:

  • increasing opportunities for upskilling, mentorship, and promotion
  • advancing women into executive and board positions
  • making senior leaders accountable for achieving DEI goals
  • acknowledging and rewarding the “third shift” of working women

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