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Investing in—and with—Black consumers

Despite their challenging history with financial institutions, Black consumers today are looking to spend more on new banking relationships and on financial services more broadly. By 2030, the financial-services providers that offer more equitable, more accessible, and better products and services can win $225 billion in cumulative spending from Black consumers (excluding organic growth), write partner Munya Muvezwa, partner Tawanda Sibanda, and senior partner Shelley Stewart. Learn about the five distinct strategies that companies can implement to help Black consumers build economic security, and check out more of the latest research and insights from the McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility, with topics including:

  • the experiences of frontline workers of color
  • where to invest to better serve Black consumers
  • racial and ethnic equity in higher education in the United States
  • how companies in the automobile value chain can serve Black consumers better and more fairly

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