How to build a green business

Launching and scaling a new business is no easy feat. When you add the objective of solving some of the world’s greatest challenges, like decarbonization, the stakes are even higher. Check out these insights on green business building from our Learn to Leap series to find out how some companies are paving the way, and dive deeper into:

  • Infarm CEO and cofounder Erez Galonska’s vision to change the way people eat
  • what it takes to succeed in the alternative-protein space and why these products are critical to climate health
  • trends in impact investing and what to potentially look for in founders of purpose-driven start-ups
  • one company’s approach to accelerating and scaling quantum computing and its bold vision to deploy it in the fight against climate change

Inventing and scaling the world’s largest urban vertical farming network

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Companies that care: Lessons from a unicorn founder and his purpose-driven investor

How quantum computing can help tackle global warming