Get smart with McKinsey for Kids

Do you remember being a kid? You probably had some imaginative ideas and a healthy curiosity about the world around you. On #WorldChildrensDay, dive back into the magic with our McKinsey for Kids series—and bring your favorite kid along for the ride—to learn something new about:

  • big ships, the Silk Road, Bollywood, and Asia’s past, present, and future
  • how technology is changing the future of work
  • nature’s true value through an exploration of an imagined mangrove forest
  • the life cycle of food—from farm to landfill
  • how we helped some fish farmers in Latin America

K-pop, culture, containers, and why Asia’s where the action is

What technology shifts mean for tomorrow’s jobs

A tiger’s tale about what nature is really worth

(Food) waste not, want not

Hungry fish, baffled farmers, and what happened next