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And the award goes to…

Awards season in Hollywood highlights the best films of the year while drawing attention to some of the industry’s worst practices. Innovations like content streaming and AI storytelling are creating new doorways in entertainment, but marginalized filmmakers and their stories remain underrepresented. Before the red carpet is rolled up, check out our insights on the current state of film and the importance of inclusion on the big screen, including:

  • the transformative power of the Internet, and where streaming goes from here
  • Black representation in American cinema—past and present
  • how one Broadway-show-turned-cultural-touchstone managed during the pandemic

The future of streaming and diverse content: Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch weighs in

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Author Talks: A forgotten chapter in the history of TV

Author Talks: The history of Black cinema in America

How Hamilton stayed alive during the pandemic: An interview with producer Jeffrey Seller

Black representation in film and TV: The challenges and impact of increasing diversity

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