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As we round year three, burnout is high. Here’s how organizations can help.

– We’re entering year three of the global pandemic, as readers most assuredly are aware. Even though we’d all love to move on from pandemic affairs, it’s important to address one factor taking its toll on workers and organizations around the globe: burnout. Whether you’re still working from home or went back to in-person work right away, burnout may have been a constant companion for you or others in your organization.

New year, new business: What to know before you start building

– The more new businesses you build, the better you get at building them. That’s the key takeaway from the latest McKinsey... Global Survey of more than 1,000 C-level executives and other senior managers across regions, industries, and company sizes. Business leaders predict that by 2026, half of their revenues will come from products, services, or businesses that haven’t yet been created.

Forging ahead: Tales of resilience and creativity from McKinsey podcasts

– Last week we suggested some great business books for end-of-year reading time. Now here’s a snack of podcasts from among... our 2021 offerings—reflecting innovative and resilient approaches to entertainment, telecommunications, and more.

The best business books for your end-of-year holiday

– For your reading pleasure this holiday season, we’ve gathered some of the best business books, selected by this year’s... Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award panelists.

How companies can face inflation—and head off more volatility

– Inflation, that destructive beast feared by corporations and central banks alike, has reared its head of late. Prices have ticked... higher in Europe, and inflation hit a three-decade high in the US in October 2021, adding to the worries of corporate leaders who are already dealing with labor shortages.

Tastes like chicken: Cultivated meat and the future of ‘meat’ consumption

– The feasting season is upon us, and that often means meat—from Thanksgiving turkey in the United States to Christmas goose... to roast duck for the Lunar New Year. Yet in their day-to-day lives, many people are cutting back on meat, citing concerns about the sustainability, health, or ethics of growing animals for food. That’s helped create an opening for some promising alternatives.

Keeping your eyes on the prize: How staying calm can help create clarity

– If you haven’t felt a pervasive feeling of calm while living and working through the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re in... good company. Still, some among us have managed to maintain composure in this era of turmoil. What do they know—or how do they act—that sets them apart?

The green energy revolution is here. Are you ready?

– New ways of heating our homes, fueling our cars, powering our planes: the switch to cleaner energy over the next few decades will... take a monumental effort. As climate challenges proliferate, world leaders attending the UN Climate Change Conference are pledging to accelerate the world’s transition away from greenhouse-gas-emitting fossil fuels to renewables such as wind and solar.

Starship enterprises: The future of private companies in space

– As technology and cost barriers continue to fall, private companies are creating opportunities for growth. Some countries are... helping them by creating more permissive, encouraging policies—and other forms of support to spur innovation.

The road to Black advancement in the US can be traced back to HBCUs

– McKinsey research shows that significant economic and human value can be gained when Black Americans are fully engaged in the... economy. HBCUs are perfectly positioned to foster such engagement—and to continue the crucial work they’ve been doing for almost 200 years: dramatically improving the lives and livelihoods of Black Americans.

Who’s looking out for you at work? Most likely, a female manager

– Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen that social cohesion matters everywhere, from countries to cities to... companies. Entities that are more cohesive (and focus on emotional and physical well-being) can weather tough times better, research shows. In the workplace, who is focusing on connection and well-being?

If cyberattacks are the new Trojan Horse, don’t be Troy

– Cybercriminals have continued to launch major ransomware attacks—with widespread consequences. This rash of recent attacks... has, in some cases, resulted in companies making large ransom payments to get their operating systems back online.
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