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First a pandemic, then a price squeeze. Here’s how retailers bounce back.

– This week, retailers feel the big (price) squeeze. Plus, what’s putting the sizzle in semiconductors, who’s leading the transformation at Wipro, and how tech is transforming higher education.

The digital divide: How US states can close the high-speed-internet gap

– This week, we look at how that might happen. Plus, how to build a global tech unicorn, and what has changed—and what hasn’t—in... the 20 years since the launch of McKinsey on Finance.

Want to improve your cloud economics? Then it’s time to let go of the past.

– This week, we look at all the steps that companies can take to get value from the cloud. Plus, how leaders can buck a herd mentality,... and David Gergen, a longtime presidential adviser and political analyst, on how the Baby Boomers have to step back and let younger leaders lead.

A quantum leap in the fight against climate change: Quantum computing

– This week, how quantum computing has the power to revolutionize the fight against climate change. Plus, the ever-expanding CFO... role, and three questions for the director-general of the World Trade Organization.

Why investing in nurses pays off in excellent patient care

– This week, we look at why high quit rates for nurses may imperil high-quality healthcare. Plus, new sources of lithium mining... can help keep the electric-vehicle market moving, and how the war in Ukraine has caused 12 disruptions around the world.

Don’t hide your design department from the rest of the business

– This week, we look at what makes a successful business design department (and no, it’s not a pricey coffee machine in a... fancy loft office). Plus, worker power is on the rise—or is it? And read about our new Global Energy Perspective 2022.

Real estate and climate risk: Implications for long-term value, revenue, and more.

– This week, the hazards and opportunities for real estate as the world tackles climate change. Plus, why boards should be more... strategic about cloud, and Terry Crews, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor and former NFL player, explores how “tough guys” can find strength in vulnerability.

What does inflation change for CEOs, the planners-in-chief? Pretty much everything.

– This week, a playbook for how CEOs handle inflation, which many haven’t dealt with for years. Plus, what’s driving... the white-hot semiconductor market, and a McKinsey expert on the future of retail stores in the omnichannel era.

Women want engineering and other roles in the tech field. Does tech want them back?

– Tech is on our minds this week: women in technical roles, that is, and our latest Tech for Execs installment explains why you... need a cloud foundation. Plus, news from the private-equity world—from McKinsey’s latest Global Private Markets Review to an interview with Carlyle’s Sandra Horbach.

Live long and prosper: How to extend the quality of life for everyone

– This week, we focus on a more ambitious and relevant goal for human health. Plus, an interview with Ron O’Hanley of State... Street, and the effects of inflation on defense spending.

What’s the big deal? M&A tries to extend gains after a record year

– This week, we look at the challenges and opportunities for M&A amid a more complicated outlook for 2022. Plus, the booming... cross-border parcel market, and global experts on the tech trends they think will, and should, lead business agendas.

How to make your workplace sticky, and other tips from the talent wars

– This week, we look at measures companies can take to keep employees from walking out the door. Plus, we look at how organizations... can get the Internet of Things right, and a McKinsey talent expert on why a 20-hour workweek isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds.
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