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The State of Fashion 2023: Bright spots and darker patterns

– This week, why the fashion industry is likely to remain in a state of flux in 2023. Plus, consumer companies are turning to chief transformation officers more often, and why it’s important for leaders to demonstrate “deliberate calm.”

Globalization isn’t going away, but it’s undergoing shifts

– This week, we look at how globalization is shifting and what companies can do to respond. Plus, two McKinsey experts on how to... build better relationships at work, and Tech for Execs on the power of the qubit.

Managing out? Women leaders are leaving the workplace in droves

– This week, we look at some sobering trends facing women leaders in the workplace. Plus, an interview with the Spanish-born chef... José Andrés on what working in emergencies has taught him, and a McKinsey technology expert on how business leaders can harness innovation.

Debit or credit? How retail banks win in the new digital age

– This week, we look at how retail banking incumbents, and even central banks, are shifting toward digital models. Plus, a new report... on decarbonizing India, and an interview with management expert Richard Rumelt on how not to talk about strategy.

Climate solutions: Has nuclear fusion’s time finally arrived?

– This week, why the case for nuclear fusion is growing stronger. Plus, how a labor shortfall could affect plans to upgrade US infrastructure,... and a McKinsey partner and former international sailing champion shares her favorite podcasts.

A defining moment for Europe’s CEOs

– This week, how Europe’s business leaders can place smart bets on the future. Plus, e-scooters get a leg up with investors,... and Tech for Execs on the importance of creating a cloud “sandbox” for developers.

Building digital trust creates significant benefits for companies

– This week, we delve into why digital trust matters so much. Plus, a peripatetic podcast with the economist Tyler Cowen, and a... look back at the Stanley Steamer and how its demise offers lessons for the car market of today.

Amid volatility, stick to long-term thinking

– This week, we’re focusing on long-term value in an era of turbulence. Plus, the state of fintech in Africa, and a look at... how a more efficient food system can build global resilience.

From cutting edge to commonplace: The next decade of innovation

– This week, experts predict what life will be like ten years from now—from shopping to eating to traveling in space. Plus,... an interview with venture capitalist Bill Gurley, and how to address Europe’s technology gap.

More Americans are working independently. What does that mean for employers?

– This week, we look at what a growing number of independent workers means for US companies. Plus, an interview with Erika James,... the dean of Wharton, and Tech for Execs explains how businesses can put the technology behind “deep fakes” to good use.

Building organizational resilience in volatile times

– This week, we offer a strategic way forward for organizations beset by global challenges. Plus, a look at food loss through the... journey of the humble tomato, and McKinsey partner Duwain Pinder on how to build racial and ethnic equity in US higher education.

The 14 technology trends shaping your industry’s future

– This week, we look at what executives need to know about tech innovation across industries. Plus, how the US government is addressing... poor marks in its customer service, and Arianna Huffington on why investing in employee health should be a bottom-line priority.
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