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Warming up to autonomous driving

Autonomous driving (AD) could create significant value for the auto industry, generating $300 billion to $400 billion in revenues by 2035. However, some consumers are pumping the brakes on fully autonomous (that is, self-driving) vehicles, find senior partner Ruth Heuss and colleagues. While safety concerns are top of mind, consumers also want opportunities to test-drive AD systems and more information about the technology.

There are opportunities to build consumers' confidence in fully autonomous vehicles.

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The chart is a series of 7 square boxes, each totaling 100 percent, which represent the share of respondents agreeing with statements about factors that would increase consumer confidence about autonomous vehicles. The top choice, at 64 percent, is that safety must increase. This answer is about 20 percentage points higher than the next three most-important factors. Those are, in descending order, a need to personally test the systems, the need for more regulation, and more explanation from manufacturers about the technology. Source: McKinsey Center for Future Mobility ACES Consumer Survey, Dec 2021, n = 26,285

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To read the report, see “Autonomous driving’s future: Convenient and connected,” January 6, 2023.