The shift to shared mobility

Consumers are increasingly looking to shared, more sustainable ways of getting around. According to partner Kersten Heineke and colleagues, the three main forms of shared mobility—hailed mobility, shared micromobility, and car sharing—are on the rise. Thirty percent of respondents said they would use private vehicles less than they do now, compared with 20 percent who said they would use them more.

Many survey respondents plan to use shared-mobility and micromobility options more frequently in the future.

Image description: A vertical bar graph depicts survey respondents’ preferences for modes of transportation in the future. The data indicate both the percentage planning to use each mode more frequently and those who intend to use them less. The net difference between these 2 groups is also displayed. Private vehicles emerge as the mode most likely to see a net decrease in use, with 30% of respondents planning to use them less frequently. Other modes of transportation, including taxis, ride hailing, car sharing, public transit, pooled shared mobility, and micromobility, are predicted to see a significant net increase in use.

Source: McKinsey Mobility Consumer Pulse Survey, 30,978 current mobility users, December 2022; McKinsey analysis.

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To read the article, see “Consumer pull: The growth of shared urban mobility,” June 21, 2023.