As leaders try to make sense of the metaverse, here’s one sign of opportunity: the market value of metaverse activity could grow to $4 trillion to $5 trillion by 2030, find managing partner for global client capabilities Homayoun Hatami and colleagues. The value creation could come from both consumer use cases (e-commerce, gaming, and ads, for example) and enterprise (banking, manufacturing, and training).

By 2030, the metaverse could generate $4 trillion to $5 trillion across consumer and enterprise use cases.

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The chart displays two spiral-filled circles that join at the bottom. The spirals within the circles seem to disappear into infinity. Each of the circles is sized to represent the potential consumer and enterprise value of the metaverse. The small circle on the left shows $0.2 trillion to $0.3 trillion in 2022, and the much larger circle on the right shows the projected value of $4.0 trillion to $5.0 trillion for 2030.

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To read the article, see “A CEO’s guide to the metaverse,” January 24, 2023.