First-time biotech launches are on the rise, find partners Pablo Salazar and Peter Wright and coauthors. Based on McKinsey analysis, first-time launches are projected to outnumber those from established companies by nearly two to one in the coming years. Many first-timers can struggle, though, as they seek commercial success. Investing in new capabilities and hiring for key roles are a couple of the ways first-timers can potentially set themselves up for a smoother transition.

Based on pipeline data, it’s projected that first-time biotech launches will outnumber those from established companies by more than two to one.

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The chart shows 4 circles, each made up of 96 smaller circles, representing all blockbuster launches due between 2022 and 2026. The first circle shows the entire 96 launches. The second circle shows the 61 launches that will come from companies without a prior launch. The second circle shows the 6 that will come from companies that launched their first drug in the past ten years. The fourth circle shows the remaining 29 that will come from experienced launchers.

Footnote 1: Blockbuster launches are defined as products with forecasted worldwide sales exceeding $1 billion annually.

Source: McKinsey analysis of EvaluatePharma May 2022, Evaluate Ltd data

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To read the article, see “Making the leap from R&D to fully integrated biotech for first launch,” February 15, 2023.