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Investing in Black America

There are eight key investment areas for advancing Black economic mobility, according to analysis by senior partner Shelley Stewart and coauthors. These areas include financial inclusion, bridging the digital divide, and health equity. Investing in impact funds, which aim to support measurable benefits across environmental, social, and governance factors, is one way to promote progress across these key categories—and generate favorable returns for investors.

Financial inclusion, the digital divide, and health equity are the most popular areas for impact investments.

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A chart displays 8 diamonds that represent socioeconomic pillars that will have the greatest impact in advancing economic mobility for Black Americans. Each diamond contains dots to represent a total of 100 percent. The diamonds contain darker dots to represent the percentage share of respondents reporting investment activity in those key areas of impact investing. At the top end is financial inclusion, bridging the digital divide, and health equity, at 69, 67, and 67%, respectively. At the bottom end is pre-K–12 education, with only 44% of respondents noting they have invested in this pillar.

Note: Figures may not sum to 100%, because of rounding.

Footnote 1: Question: For each of the following socioeconomic impact areas, select your investment activity.

Source: McKinsey ESG and Impact Investing Survey, Aug 2022

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To read the report, see “A guide to impact investing in Black economic mobility,” February 1, 2023.