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Companies make strides toward gender equality when they offer specific and actionable policies along with equitable benefits, McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace report with LeanIn.Org shows. Senior partners Alexis Krivkovich and Lareina Yee and coauthors found that organizations offering practices such as personal leave for mental healthcare and management-training programs aimed at diversity issues had higher levels of representation of women and women of color.

Key practices are driving progress toward gender equality.

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The main visual is four graphs each containing two data points. One of the two data points in each case is data on top performing companies and the other in all other companies. The four graphs each show the top-rated practices that are driving progress toward gender equality. These include employee benefits for mental healthcare, career development opportunities for women, gender equality data-tracking and sharing outside of the company, and manager training in diversity issues. In all of the four brackets the top performing companies far outshine the others by between 15 to 30 percentage points.

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To read the report, see “Women in the Workplace 2022,” October 18, 2022.