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How renewables can materialize

Countries are eyeing renewable-energy options to meet decarbonization goals. But price fluctuations for raw materials and shifting regulations have resulted in unstable renewables markets, making planning a challenge. Senior partner Alberto Bettoli and colleagues suggest targeted acquisitions and long-term partnerships as ways to secure raw materials and reduce price volatility.

The markets for renewables are highly volatile.

Image description:

A set of 5 line graphs show the normalized annual net renewables market for 5 countries from 2001–21. The 5 countries are ordered, from left to right, by highest to lowest 2021 data: the US, Spain, Japan, Germany, and the UK. Each line graph shows significant volatility in the renewables market throughout the two-decade period.

Footnote 1: Markets with annual capacity addition of >1 gigawatt or existing market presence.

Source: Statistics Time Series dashboard, International Renewable Energy Agency

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To read the article, see “Renewable-energy development in a net-zero world: Disrupted supply chains,” February 17, 2023.