Many workers aren’t just considering a job change—they’re leaving industries entirely. Globally, only 35 percent of those who quit their jobs in the past two years took a new one in the same industry, according to a recent McKinsey survey. Almost 50 percent moved to a new industry and under 20 percent didn’t return to work.

The majority of people who quit their jobs in the past two years are not returning to the industries the left.

Image description:

A circular representation of 100% of all workers who quit their jobs between April 2020 and April 2022. Each percentage point is visualized as an individual human silhouette. The 100 people are further proportionately broken into three colors. Each color represents a different result after quitting: 17 did not return to the workforce, 48 moved to a different industry, and the remaining 35 took a new job in the same industry. A further highlighted box points out that a full 65 out of 100 people did not return to the same industry.

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To read the article, see “The Great Attrition is making hiring harder. Are you searching the right talent pools?,” July 13, 2022.