Assessing US health

As US health officials start to think beyond the immediate crises around COVID-19, there’s an opportunity to focus on broader health issues affecting Americans. But where to start? Senior partner Pooja Kumar and coauthors created McKinsey’s United States of Health Dashboard, highlighting key metrics, from chronic disease to maternal health, across all states. The dashboard features an interactive data visualization tool to help state and public leaders identify high-priority areas.

What is the impact of disease and ill health within the United States?

Image description:

A series of fifty spider graphs presented in the shape roughly resembling the United States. Each spider graph has five segments representing one of five public health outcomes. The segments include maternal health, behavioral health, environmental health, chronic diseases and communicable diseases. Each spider graph contains five pizza-slice-shaped ratings, each broken into four quartiles scores, with the bottom quartile performance barely showing and the top quartile performer filling the available space. Each spider graph then shows how each of the states does by which quartile they are in for each of the five metrics.

A pattern of poor performance overall can be seen for many of the southern and central states, with others doing poorly in individual segments.

End of image description.

To read the article, see “Tracking public-health outcomes across the United States,” September 6, 2022.