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An uneven distribution of women in tech

Women remain underrepresented in tech roles at European companies, find senior partner Sven Blumberg and coauthors. Furthermore, the distribution of women in specific tech roles varies significantly, from 46 percent in design and management and 30 percent in data engineering, science, and analytics to just 8 percent in DevOps and cloud roles.

Across all European companies, women are least represented in DevOps and cloud roles.

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A chart displays 8 squares, representing various technology roles in Europe. Each square contains 100 smaller squares, with portions colored in blue to represent the share of those tech roles held by women. At the upper end, with 46%, are roles in product design and management, and at the bottom end are roles in DevOps and work on the cloud computing, with only 8% held by women. The final square represents the average share of women in all tech industry roles, at 22%.

Source: McKinsey and Eightfold AI research on state of European tech, which draws on proprietary Eightfold AI data source of more than 1 million European tech workforce profiles, 2022

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To read the article, see “Women in tech: The best bet to solve Europe’s talent shortage,” January 24, 2023.