A game plan for tech talent

Keeping up with the market for tech talent has become increasingly important for companies, according to a recent report by McKinsey Global Institute partner Michael Chui, senior partner Lareina Yee, and colleagues. For example, job postings in fields related to 15 key technology trends grew 15 percent between 2021 and 2022, even though global job postings overall decreased by 13 percent. Generative AI was the fastest-growing tech field, at 44 percent. Recent layoffs in the tech sector may present a silver lining for other industries that have struggled to win the attention of attractive candidates and retain senior tech talent.

Job postings for fields related to tech trends grew by 400,000 between 2021 and 2022, with generative AI growing the fastest.

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A set of 15 area graphs depict the volume of job postings across various tech trends for 2021 and 2022. These trends rank from highest to lowest in terms of job creation. Topping the list, applied AI had about 650,000 job postings in 2022, reflecting a 6% increase from 2021. Next-generation software development tallied close to 600,000 postings in 2022, marking a 29% rise from the previous year. Cloud and edge computing saw about 475,000 job postings, a boost of 12% from 2021. Trust architectures and digital identity came next with roughly 350,000 job postings, an uptick of 16%. Rounding out the top 5, the future of mobility category had approximately 325,000 job postings, showing a 15% increase from 2021.

Footnote: This analysis is based on a survey of 150 million job postings. Job postings are not directly equivalent to the number of new or existing jobs.

Source: McKinsey’s proprietary Organizational Data Platform, which draws on licensed, de-identified public professional profile data.

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To read the report, see “McKinsey Technology Trends Outlook 2023,” July 20, 2023.