A coding boost from AI

When it comes to software development, generative AI can bring groundbreaking time savings. Partners Martin Harrysson and Shivam Srivastava and colleagues find that AI can cut the time needed to document code functionality by 45 to 50 percent, and can reduce completion time for writing code by 35 to 45 percent, for example.

Generative AI can increase developer speed, but less so for complex tasks.

Image description:

Four pie squares each represent 100 percent of the time spent on 4 development tasks: code documentation, code generation, code refactoring, and high-complexity tasks. Inset into each square is the percentage of task completion time that can be saved by using generative AI. From left to right, those time savings are as follows: for code documentation, 45–50%; for code generation, 35–45%; for code refactoring, 20–30%; and for high-complexity tasks, less than 10%.

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To read the article, see “Unleashing developer productivity with generative AI,” June 27, 2023.