Middle East and Africa

Africa’s Business Revolution: How to Succeed in the World’s Next Big Growth Market

– The definitive guide to doing business in Africa, packed with fresh insights from McKinsey and exclusive interviews with prominent... CEOs.

How digital tools could boost efficiency in African health systems

– By expanding their use of digital health tools, African health systems could realize up to 15 percent efficiency gains by 2030... and reinvest the savings to improve access and outcomes.
Article - McKinsey Health Institute

Better health among Middle Eastern employees can start with awareness

– A survey of workers in four Middle Eastern countries provides a baseline for understanding the state of employee health and informing... strategies to improve outcomes.

Digital consumers in the Middle East: Rising adoption and opportunity

– The region’s consumers have embraced digital channels, and their spending is set to grow. New research highlights how companies... can generate more value from this segment in the coming years.

African banking: The productivity opportunity

– African banks can increase their productivity to enhance competitiveness, build resilience, and deliver new value to customers—even... in the face of a tightening global business environment.

Procurement in Africa: Exercising a muscle for challenging times

– Amid rising costs and increasing demand for raw materials, African companies may need to pull every available lever to maximize... procurement efficiency.

Green infrastructure: Could public land unlock private investment?

– Emerging economies need the private sector to help fund green infrastructure initiatives. Access to public land can be structured... to make those investments more attractive.

Author Talks: Africa is not a country

– News, entertainment, and even charity campaigns tend to promote a stereotypical image of Africa that ignores its nuance and history.... Dipo Faloyin is correcting this narrative.

How to win in the Gulf’s dynamic consumer and retail sectors

– New patterns of consumer demand are emerging in the Middle East. To align with these shifts and remain competitive, consumer companies... can focus on two priority areas: expanding into new adjacencies and developing personalized offerings.

The future of payments in Africa

– Innovations, entrepreneurs, and capital are reshaping Africa’s fast-growing electronic-payments landscape with solutions... for consumers and businesses alike.

Fintech in Africa: The end of the beginning

– Africa’s fintech industry is coming of age. In the face of political and economic challenges and a global pandemic, fintech on... the continent is booming. Here’s what comes next.
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