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The future of business: Tech trends that matter

The pandemic emboldened companies to adopt new types of technology. Which ones will affect your industry and organization the most, and which will maximize your company’s competitive edge?

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred a “great global pilot” for multiple technologies across industries. That’s how partner Michael Chui and senior partner Lareina Yee described the past year and a half during a McKinsey Live webinar about the latest research on the top ten technology trends.

These technologies can both amplify and accelerate new business models and innovations that disrupt the status quo and create new opportunities.

Technology has become a greater source for company differentiation than ever before, and the tech explosion is widening the performance gap between leaders and laggards. Executives need to understand new technologies, determine which of them will provide the greatest competitive advantage, and then scale them at the right time. Moreover, it’s crucial for executives to consider how their companies’ business and operating models need to evolve to capitalize on this massive growth opportunity.

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For more on this topic, please watch the webinar recording, explore the interactive “The top trends in tech,” or read the executive summary of the research.

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