Belgium and Netherlands


Building a world-class Dutch start-up ecosystem

– A strategy to both increase the number of start-ups and facilitate their ability to scale can elevate the Netherlands to a global leader in the world of entrepreneurship ecosystems.

A reflection on global food security challenges amid the war in Ukraine and the early impact of climate change

– Geopolitical and climatic events are impacting the food system’s resilience. Here’s what happened this year, what... may come next year, potential consequences, and considerations that may mitigate the impact.
Executive Briefing

How climate action can help deliver EU energy security

– Governments can act now to accelerate the energy transition in Europe to both improve the continent’s long-term energy security... and reduce emissions.

Decarbonizing the grid with 24/7 clean power purchase agreements

– In the global struggle to curb greenhouse-gas emissions, renewable power is taking an ever-increasing share of generation capacity.... Yet the rise of wind and solar power is creating new challenges in managing the system.
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

Securing Europe’s future beyond energy: Addressing its corporate and technology gap

– European leaders have shown great resolve in their initial response at scale and speed to the war in Ukraine. They will need to... build the same momentum to face the region’s slow-motion corporate and technology crisis. An estimated €2 trillion to €4 trillion of annual value could be at stake—six times the amount needed for the net-zero transition—and with it Europe’s long-term prosperity and strategic autonomy. A program of 11 actions can turn the tide.

Acting where it makes a difference: The corporate center that can flex

– The demands facing general and administrative functions are changing, strengthening the case for corporate centers to embrace... more flexible operating models.

Global Energy Perspective 2022

– We’re in the midst of an energy transition that continues to evolve.

Outsprinting the energy crisis

– High energy costs are hitting Europe’s industrial players hard. Bold action could protect margins today and make companies... cleaner, stronger, and more profitable for the future.

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