How companies can build institutional and individual resilience

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As you know, we are living through an era of profound uncertainty. In these times, I think the most important imperative is to build resilience. And when I say resilience, I mean both institutional resilience and individual resilience.

Institutional resilience means the ability to play both defense and offense. By defense, I mean many of the “no regret” moves, whether it’s cost optimization, restructuring, realigning your supply chains, or embedding data and technology into everything you do.

When I mean offense, I mean mergers and acquisitions, building new businesses, and entering new geographies and product lines. So, I think every leader has to think about both defense and offense to build institutional resilience.

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When I talk about individual resilience, I mean maintaining your energy—your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional energy. Secondly, I mean really leading with a sense of purpose not just for yourself, but also to give your employees and people a sense of purpose because we are also facing a war for talent.

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