The Road to B20

“The current decade will determine whether we opt for sustainable, inclusive growth or for dangerous warming and large segments of society left behind,” assert the authors of a report published by McKinsey Global Institute on the vital role of business in economic future of the world1. Published in conjunction with a B20 Leaders’ Breakfast organized by McKinsey on November 14 in Bali, Indonesia, this report was the apex of the Firm’s robust road to B20 marked by events tackling critical issues and featuring key voices from leaders of industry, government and professions.

The journey came about as a result of McKinsey’s knowledge partnership with B20 as well as W20. Both of these are official engagement groups of G20, the strategic multilateral platform connecting the world’s major economies, that Indonesia played host to in 2022. B20 is the “business voice” of G20 and W20 guides G20’s commitments on women’s developments and gender equality.

Capturing this fruitful journey to the B20 Summit is our microsite Recover together, recover stronger, which delivered reportage on our calendar of events, showing why the global community can indeed collaborate to be better together and stronger together.

1Sven Smit et al. “Towards a sustainable, inclusive, growing future: The role of business”, McKinsey, November 2022.