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Careers in Denmark

Life as a Consultant

Careers in Denmark

Life as a Consultant

You’ll work with clients to address real challenges across many industries, all the while building skills and lasting relationships.

The way we work

We work in many industries, from banking, energy, and consumer products to the public and social sectors. Our expertise varies too, from strategy and operations to organization and business technology to marketing and sales. To support our work, we draw on help from a variety of professional knowledge experts connected with our different functional and industry practices. Projects typically last 2 to 4 months, so each new project is another opportunity to meet new people, extend your network, and build lasting relationships.

The rapid turnover of projects and the breadth of opportunities mean that our consultants often take varied paths through their careers at McKinsey–and beyond. Each year, McKinsey is involved in thousands of projects in more than 60 countries. Based on their experiences, over time, our consultants usually begin to focus on a specific function (topic) or industry that interests them.

International opportunities

Working abroad is a great way for professional and personal growth—bolstering cross-cultural problem-solving and people skills. McKinsey has more than 100 offices across every region, providing plenty of opportunities for our consultants to see the world—through client work, training programs abroad, and office exchanges and transfers. Last year, consultants from the Denmark office worked in more than 30 countries on 7 continents.

Work-life flexibility

There is no typical week at McKinsey Denmark, and while long hours are not an uncommon requirement at varying points during a client-project cycle, we are committed to offering our consultants work-life flexibility. Many people take advantage of our flexible working arrangements to help them live a full life and balance their career with their personal commitments and interests.

McKinsey has developed a part-time program that can be used by all consultants when their situation requires it, such as when having a child or if a family member is ill. The arrangement and duration of the part-time program can differ across locations.

Learn more about how meaningful our “Take Time” program is to our people on our global Careers site.


Working at McKinsey Denmark

Work with talented, creative teams in Denmark and the world to shape perspectives and help clients transform their performance.

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