Shape the future in Operations


Shape the future in Operations is your chance to play an active role in problem solving for our clients. For three months, you will work alongside women in consulting as they support clients in a range of industry and operations service lines.

By joining Shape the future in Operations as an intern, you will gain insights into the daily work of our consultants. Be part of a client project team and help identify and capture opportunities for organizations to grow. You will be able to deepen your skills by familiarizing yourself with the entire value chain, from product development and procurement to the manufacturing process and finally, the supply chain to service operations.

Apply now and learn how you can shape the future in operations.

Apply by April 17, 2022


If you self-identify as a woman and are based in Europe, we invite you to apply. You should have an engineering or business background and an interest or initial experience in operations. You should also be working toward a master’s degree, MBA, or PhD.

To be considered for Shape the future in Operations, you will need to submit the following (in English):

  • resumé
  • academic transcripts (including high school), indicating all relevant grades
  • location preference—please select two locations in Europe where you have strong ties (e.g., where you have lived or worked). You should also be fluent in the local language(s)

If you have been invited to an interview, you will be notified by May 2, 2022. Our interview process will give us a chance to get to know you while providing you an opportunity to determine whether McKinsey is the right fit for you.

Meet our consultants

“I started my MBA fully convinced that I would join a start-up after graduation. I believed consulting was not creative enough for someone like me, with an architecture background. But everything changed when I interned with McKinsey. I finally understood what consultants do, what their days looked like, how they worked in teams, and how diverse their projects were. Realizing that I could use my creative skills to design business impact is what convinced me to join McKinsey after graduating.” – Cristina, Associate, London

“During my internship, I was helping a client that produces high-quality, low-volume products. When I first arrived at the production site, I felt quite overwhelmed by the complex manufacturing process. With the help of McKinsey experts from different areas, we were able to manage the complexity and ultimately optimize the client’s process. The internship taught me there are no unsolvable problems as long as you can rely on a network full of experience and knowledge.” – Julia-Kristin, Junior Specialist, Hamburg


“McKinsey is a workplace that offers a variety in every aspect—not only in terms of the different cultures that make up project teams—but also regarding the range of projects and the C-suite-level interactions possible even for young team members. My time at McKinsey has taught me how quickly and efficiently you can work with the right tools and mindset. Deliverables that I would have previously thought would take two to three weeks we deliver in a matter of days. It’s incredible.” – Sophie, Engagement Manager, London

Apply by April 17, 2022


Katharina Klenk

European Operations Practice