McKinsey LGBTQ Leadership Award

Recognizing commitment to LGBTQ communities

What is the “LGBTQ Leadership Award?”

McKinsey believes in developing outstanding leaders and celebrating diversity in today’s society. The McKinsey LGBTQ Leadership Award recognizes 3 individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to LGBTQ life and awards them a prize of €2,500.

Why was the award created?

To further increase the positive impact on the community and the firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, McKinsey wants to celebrate the contributions and successes of student leaders. Your time as a student will undoubtedly provide a launch pad for many future opportunities to continue contributing to society’s advancement of LGBTQ communities.

Who is this award for?

At McKinsey, we want to make a difference. We are eager to get to know people who:

  • Actively seek ways to maximize their own potential
  • Enjoy tackling complex challenges that matter
  • Thrive when working collaboratively
  • Are committed to furthering diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Ultimately, we are looking for people who want to create change by contributing to the world and communities around them.

Does this sound like you? If so, here’s the opportunity: this fall, McKinsey will select a group of current undergraduate, masters, PhD and business school students, and recognize these individuals’ commitment to and leadership of the LGBTQ community through the McKinsey LGBTQ Leadership Award with prizes of €2,500.

  • Formal recognition of your contribution to your LGBTQ community
  • A unique opportunity to connect with other LGBTQ leaders at the award-announcement dinner

The details—what are the eligibility requirements?

We invite applications from candidates who:

  • Have a track record of contributing to the to the LGBTQ community*
  • Are incoming or current full-time undergraduate masters, PhD or business school students in Western Europe**
  • Will graduate in January 2017 or later

*Applicants do not need to self-identify as LGBTQ+.

**Former and current McKinsey employees, including interns, are not eligible.

The application process—what are the stages and timelines?

Application stage: Deadline October 20, 2016

Please submit your application online by Thursday, October 20, 2016. (Please note that the original application deadline has been extended.)

In order to better understand your achievements we would like you to write maximum a 600 word essay on your contribution to the LGBTQ community. Please submit this essay alongside your CV (two pages maximum).

Interview stage

All applications will be reviewed by the McKinsey team. Interviews for short-listed candidates will take place in early November.

Award winners

Winners will be announced in late November.

Frequently asked questions

Application requirements

Can I apply if I haven’t yet been admitted to a university or business school or if my course start in mid-2017?

To be eligible for this award, you need to have a confirmed offer to attend university or business school by September 29, 2016. During the application process, you will be asked for your university/school email address.

Which countries are considered part of Western Europe?

To be eligible for this award, your university or business school must be located in one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom. For the purposes of this award, students at all INSEAD campuses will be considered Western European candidates.

Only part of my course take place in Western Europe (for example, I’m enrolled in a double-degree or an exchange in Western Europe). Am I still eligible?

Only applicants enrolled in an institution in Western Europe are eligible to apply, regardless of where they take the classes (for example, during an exchange or a double degree). We are unable to accommodate applications from exchange students whose home institutions are outside Western Europe.

Can I apply if I don’t self-identify as LGBTQ?

This award is open to anyone who can demonstrate a contribution to the LGBTQ community. This includes LGBTQ allies and those who self-identify as “I,” “q” or “+.”

Application process

What will the interview process look like? How many interviews will there be?

We will invite selected candidates to an interview after screening their applications and essays. The interviews will be conducted either via telephone or videoconference. There is only one round of interviews, which will assess your contributions to the LGBT community, your motivation, your drive, and your leadership capabilities.

Is the monetary award linked to my tuition fees? Will it be sent directly to me or my university/school (for instance, the financial-aid office)?

The award is worth €2,500 and will be paid directly to the winner. Tuition fees or other scholarships that have been granted do not affect the amount of money the winners will receive.

Can I apply for a full-time position at McKinsey? Is the award process a fast track to the standard job application?

We absolutely encourage you to apply. However, applying for this award does not substitute the standard recruitment process or its parts.

How many candidates will be selected for the award?

3 awards will be granted this year.