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MBA candidates

Why McKinsey?

McKinsey is a top destination for people with master's degrees in business administration. Typically, nearly half of our incoming consultants have MBAs, and we’re fully committed to finding top talent from business-school programs around the world.

Who do we look for?

Your MBA program prepares you as a problem solver—developing hypotheses, collecting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and making recommendations. You’re intellectually curious, asking and answering questions others don’t, and testing solutions others haven't thought of trying. Your business knowledge can be invaluable in solving client problems.

What roles are available?

MBA graduates typically join us as associates, working either as generalists or practice consultants if they have an area they’d like to focus on, and increasingly they may join our analytics, digital, or other tech teams.

Our roles include generalist consulting, practice consulting - focused on a specific function or industry (e.g., digital, implementation, marketing & salesoperations) and technology roles such as data scientists, software engineers, product managers, data engineers, designers, agile coaches, or digital marketers. 

How will you grow?

We invest heavily in support and training—more than $100 million per year—for all of our firm members. Programs run the gamut from our proprietary e-learning to office—or practice-based sessions to our formal global training curriculum. Coaching and mentorship is an integral part of your development at McKinsey; peers will give you feedback and partners will help you grow and plan the next several years of your career.

What comes next?

There is not one path at McKinsey but many and your career path at McKinsey depends on your interests and goals. You may decide to specialize to build on the expertise you developed in graduate school or in your past career, or you may apply your skills in new areas and broaden your exposure. Whatever path you create for yourself, you'll continually be challenged to grow.

Many people grow their entire career at McKinsey and some stay for a while and move on. McKinsey alumni have gone on to create companies, start not-for-profits, run large businesses, and pursue their passions in the arts, among many other endeavors. The common thread is that they have McKinsey as their springboard and as their constant network.