Insight 2018

Insight 2018

Experience working at McKinsey

For students with advanced professional degrees, come see what it’s like to work in management consulting. Immersive exercises and learning will give you an insider’s look into an exciting and rewarding career at McKinsey. Insight offers two programs - one tailored to participants with academic backgrounds in STEM and Healthcare, available on two separate weekends - and our Insight Asia Pacific program for participants interested in starting their careers in Asia. Explore which one is right for you.


Insight STEM + Healthcare

June 8-10 and June 15-17, Chicago
For medical students, interns, residents and fellows, PhDs, and postdocs in STEM and healthcare-related disciplines

Insight Asia–Pacific

June 11–June 14, Chicago
For medical students, interns, residents and fellows, PhDs, and postdocs interested in starting their career in Asia

The experience

McKinsey ADP Insight 2017

Immerse yourself

Each program includes an introduction to consulting, work on a mock case study with McKinsey consultants, and recreational and social activities to connect and have fun.
McKinsey ADP Insight 2017

Introduction to consulting

Through a series of learning modules, participants will learn more about what we do and how we do it. You will be introduced to McKinsey’s problem-solving approach and will learn the tools and methodologies we use to solve our client’s toughest challenges. You’ll also have an opportunity to learn more about who we are today and how we’ve evolved beyond traditional strategy consulting to incorporate more data, technology, and digital expertise into our innovative client-service model.
McKinsey ADP Insight 2017

Case study

Over the course of the program, participants will work together in teams on a mock McKinsey case. With the guidance of a McKinsey consultant acting as your engagement manager, you will use the skills you’ve learned to develop a recommendation for the hypothetical client. Your team will conduct mock client interviews, analyze data, solve problems, and prepare and deliver a final presentation.
McKinsey ADP Insight 2017

Recreational and social activities

We want you to be able to get to know our people and fellow participants, both in and outside of the office, so we’ve planned fun social activities to complement our professional program. You might find yourself taking in Chicago’s architecture on a boat cruise, honing your culinary skills at a cooking class, impressing everyone with your bocce skills, or playing a friendly game of trivia.

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