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Who You'll Work With

Based in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth and working across the region, as a consultant data engineer you will work closely with our clients, data scientists and industry experts to curate problem specific datasets that feed directly into our machine learning and modelling approach.

This hybrid client-facing/technical role will allow you to use state of the art technologies to solve highly impactful business problems, whilst also leveraging your strong communication skills to convey complex intractable ideas to non-technical audiences. 

Who you are

This position is for a data engineer with strong intrinsic technical ability and an aptitude to solving complex problems using technology.

A core value at QuantumBlack is fusion and at the heart of our multi-disciplinary teams is the belief that the sum of individual parts will always be less than the impact of the entire team. You are a highly collaborative individual who is capable of laying aside your own agenda, listening to and learning from colleagues, challenging thoughtfully and prioritising impact. You search for ways to improve things and work collaboratively with colleagues. You believe in iterative change, experimenting with new approaches, learning and improving to move forward quickly. Trust between colleagues is paramount here – you are an individual who can always be trusted to work in the best interests of all colleagues and to achieve the best outcome for QuantumBlack and our clients. You are naturally enthusiastic and enjoy sharing your passion with others.

What You'll Do

As a Data Engineer at QuantumBlack in Australia...

You will work in multi-disciplinary environments harnessing data to provide real-world impact for organisations globally. You will influence many of the recommendations our clients need to positively change their businesses and enhance performance.

See our video: A Day in the Life of a Data Engineer

Role responsibilities

  • Work with our clients to model their data landscape, obtain data extracts and define secure data exchange approaches
  • Acquire, ingest, and process data from multiple sources and systems into Big Data platforms
  • Understanding, assessing and mapping the data landscape.
  • Maintaining our Information Security standards on the engagement.
  • Collaborate with our data scientists to map data fields to hypotheses and curate, wrangle, and prepare data for use in their advanced analytical models.
  • Defining the technology stack to be provisioned by our infrastructure team.
  • Building modular pipeline to construct features and modelling tables.
  • Use new and creative techniques to deliver impact for our clients as well as internal R&D projects.

What you’ll learn

No project is ever the same – we work across multiple sectors, providing unique learning and development opportunities across the region. 

  • How successful projects on real world problems across a variety of industries are completed through referencing past deliveries of end to end  pipelines.
  • Build products alongside the Core engineering team and evolve the engineering process to scale with data, handling complex problems and advanced client situations.
  • Be focused on the wrangling, clean-up and transformation of data by working alongside the Data Science team which focuses on modelling the data.
  • Using new technologies and problem-solving skills in a multicultural and creative environment.

You will work on the frameworks and libraries that our teams of Data Scientists and Data Engineers use to progress from data to impact. You will guide global companies through data science solutions to transform their businesses and enhance performance across industries including healthcare, automotive, energy and elite sport. 

  • Real-World Impact– No project is ever the same; we work across multiple sectors, providing unique learning and development opportunities internationally.
  • Fusing Tech & Leadership– We work with the latest technologies and methodologies and offer first class learning programmes at all levels.
  • Multidisciplinary Teamwork- Our teams include data scientists, engineers, project managers, UX and visual designers who work collaboratively to enhance performance.
  • Innovative Work Culture– Creativity, insight and passion come from being balanced. We cultivate a modern work environment through an emphasis on wellness, insightful talks and training sessions.
  • Striving for Diversity– With colleagues from over 40 nationalities, we recognise the benefits of working with people from all walks of life.

Our projects range from helping pharmaceutical companies bring lifesaving drugs to market quicker to optimising a Formula1 car’s performance. At QuantumBlack you have the best of both worlds; all the benefits of being part of one of the leading management consultancies globally and the autonomy to thrive in a fast growth tech culture:

  • Healthcare Efficiency– We helped a healthcare provider improve their clinical trial practices by identifying congestion in diagnostic testing as a key indicator of admissions breaches.
  • Environmental Impact– We designed and built the first data-driven application for a state of the art centre of excellence in urban innovation by collecting real-time data from environmental sensors across London and deploying proprietary analytics to find unexpected patterns in air pollution.
  • Product Development– We worked with the CEO of an elite automotive organisation to reduce the 18-month car development timeframe by improving processes, designs and team structures.

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  • Outstanding academic record in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or equivalent experience. (Please include academic transcripts upon application.)
  • A background in development with practical experience with at least one general purpose programming languages (i.e. C, Java, Scala, Python etc.)
  • Advanced knowledge of data structures and algorithms, networking, operating systems and foundational experience standard unix/linux operating systems, version control and DevSecOps tool chains etc.
  • Commercial client-facing project experience is helpful, including working in close-knit teams
  • Ability to work with a myriad of data types (i.e. structured and unstructured), extracting information from modern and legacy data platforms and identify and perform linkages across disparate data sets 
  • Meaningful experience in extracting and loading data from multiple database technologies like RDBMS (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL), MPP (AWS Redshift, Teradata, Snowflake) and optionally NoSQL (MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra, Neo4J, Titan).
  • Confirmed ability in clearly communicating complex solutions
  • Experience and interest in Cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Flexibility to travel to client locations across Australia & New Zealand
  • Extraordinary attention to detail

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