Updates from the other side of 30 - part two

Hi again everyone,

Last time around, I shared the first big life update since I turned 30. Here are the second and third:

View from a small apartment on the coast of Kenya that I’ve booked for the first couple of weeks of my Take Time

(2) I’m taking time off to work on my dad’s biography: I’ve put in two months leave this year to get back to the manuscript for Our Unfinished Work, the biography of my late fatheran incredible steward of democracy in Kenya. I’ve found it quite difficult to get the emotional space to work on this passion project during my weekends…it really needs dedicated time. I’ve confirmed Take Time this summer to protect those two months. Take Time is a policy that encourages consultants to take an additional 5-10 weeks unpaid leavewe lock in the days at the beginning of the year, and we get a pro-rated salary). Wish me luck!!

(3) My friends are taking the world by storm and I love it. Tis the season for the big 3-0 celebrations, weddings, baby showers, friends releasing books…shout out to my fellow Africa ladies Lina Ayenew on The Complete Beginner’s Guide to China-Africa Relations and Clemantine WamariyaThe Girl Who Smiled Beads, just casually making New York Times Best Sellers list with their debuts. 

There is so much excellence going around. I just bask in it and feel accomplished by association. I’ve been making an extra effort to turn up for my friends in their glow-up moments. It has required me to make more flexible work-travel decisions (e.g., Sunday night red-eyes), and I’m grateful that this crazy consulting career allows for it.

The photo at the top of the page celebrates excellence—it's my buddy Vinay (on the camel heading into his Baraat ceremony). What an excellent wedding!

Until next time…

P.S. I still haven’t pulled the trigger on the adult braces. Le sigh. But I’m still thinking about it