Travel and a big purchase

Hi everyone,

I’ll kick off today’s post with my exciting personal news, which is that my husband Brian and I bought a new home—a townhouse in Chicago. It all happened pretty quickly—we had a bit of a quiet period, and before we knew it we found something we loved, made a bid and closed, and moved in on Halloween. Since then we’ve been working to get everything set up how we want it. It has been so nice to have so much more room than we had in our old one-bedroom apartment, plus the four sets of stairs are a good workout!

Buying our new house in Chicago (including a plot of land!)

On the client front, I recently started work for two new consumer clients. I am acting as the content director for a number of indirect spend categories, including some facility management sourcing work. At one of these clients I am working very closely with another knowledge colleague who sits by me in Chicago (which is very unusual for me but a lot of fun). As part of this work, I travelled to Boston to review the client’s first round of RFP results and have a working session to determine next steps for the second round. As always, I loved being on-site and working with people in-person.

I’ve also been to the Southeastern US, London, New Jersey, New York, and not one but two provinces in Canada—so January was completely crazy for me! I managed to squeeze in some fun, including a team event at the Chicago Bulls vs. Memphis Grizzlies game (see above photo), and I am planning a lot of fun for the rest of the year. I carried over some vacation days from last year, so I have made a resolution to try to use as many vacation days as possible this year.

Blackhawks game at the United Center with my husband Brian

My parents are coming from Germany to visit in late March into April, and we’re thinking about booking a 7-10 day getaway with them to someplace warm to escape the Chicago winter a bit. And Brian and I are also finally planning our real honeymoon! We are going to go away at the end of May, but since nothing is set in stone yet, you’ll have to stay tuned for more info on our destination!

Until next time,