Thanksgiving and a trip home

Hi again! For today’s post I wanted to write about a really exciting client engagement that I have been working on this year.

It all started with an initial diagnostic. The diagnostic was fast and furious, but I had a phenomenal team (that also happened to be heavily female!), and the content was super interesting. Also, the leadership team were all folks that I either hadn’t worked with in a while, or had been wanting to work with, so it was a really great experience!

SEA Thanksgiving meal, with a full spread of delicious turkey and Thanksgiving sides! I love being the designated turkey carver!

We have since launched a major transformation program with the client, and I have been really excited about this work for a few reasons. First, I love their brand and their company—they have an incredible name with so much loyalty. They have a very special culture, and every single person I have interacted with from the client has been so lovely and so open. Secondly, the work is super invigorating and will span across a wide range of different topics. Finally, we are partnering with McKinsey Design for one of the work streams. I’ve never worked with them before, and they are such an incredible, talented group of colleagues—I’m learning so much about how to bring a ton of creativity and design thinking to our work, and I’m excited by the prospect of partnership with them again in the future!

A snapshot of the coast while descending into my hometown, Brisbane

On a personal note, I recently returned to work after taking a month off to go back home to Australia. I spent quality time with my family and usual, it was so fun and special to be able to spend this time at home. I’m extremely grateful to my team and leadership for enabling me to take this time off even though I was still in the middle of a client engagement. It’s something that I definitely appreciate about the consulting life – how I’ve been able to architect a high level of flexibility (through extended periods of time off), and how my colleagues have respected and subsequently enabled me to fulfill it is something that I value immensely. Speaking to my friends outside of consulting, I do believe that taking time off in this way would probably be a lot more difficult in other industries.

A subset of the goodies on my usual list to bring back to the US after going home! Not shown: ~20 packets of Tim Tams.

For now, I’m looking forward to the holiday season—it feels so fun and festive! We held our second annual Seattle Office Thanksgiving lunch, where our superstar professional development manager, Katie, roasts an incredible turkey…and we all wear our ugly sweaters. It’s such an amazing tradition and it really emulates who we are as an office community.

Look forward to sending an update on how my new role is going in the new year! In the meantime, you’ll likely find me out on the mountains skiing :).