Reflecting on life following a milestone birthday

Hi everyone,

I turned 30 this September. I spent it in Colombo with one of the best people I know at McKinsey.

Colombo is a stunning city - in some ways it reminds me of home, without the traffic. My more adventurous friends found a good itinerary involving temples, cozy cafes and fantastic crab in the heart of the city.

I spent most of my birthday learning. I had my computer out on an open table when I left and came back to found that a glass had toppled over onto my computer. I discovered promptly that water on your keyboard is a sure way to make sure it never works again. I also discovered that an external keyboard is the easiest fix.

At the Gangaramaya Temple in Colombo

My second learning was that Google is my best friend. I was browsing for some nice jewelry (partly to mourn my age, but also because Sri Lanka is meant to produce a lot of gemstones and I’m as susceptible as the next woman). I was on the verge of paying for a nice-looking pair of earrings when I Google-checked the store and found out that they had a lot of complaints on their Facebook page about selling fakes.

There is certainly an element of introspection for me as I reflect on my (almost) two years at McKinsey, and how I want to spend the next couple of years.

I have spent the last two years growing, meeting the smartest people I know, and being at my best and my worst and my most tired. I have met people whom I would work with again in a heartbeat and people with whom I didn't feel the same connection. At the same time, being pushed allows me to cut through the noise and prioritize the things that are most valuable to me. And for that, I can only be grateful.

I think for next year, my goal is to make this life sustainable. No excuses - I think it’s time I take care of my physical well-being: sleep more, eat better, exercise regularly - so that I can be my best self.

Until next time,