Highlights of late summer and early fall

Hi everyone! A lot has happened since my last blog post.

The most exciting news is that I got married at the beginning of September, over Labor Day weekend. We held the wedding in New London, NH, and it was awesome. After the wedding, my husband and I took a week off to attend another wedding, before returning to work- looking forward to our honeymoon in New Zealand in January!

Since I returned to work as a married person, I’ve had two highlights. The first one was attending a week-long learning and development program called LEAD II. I attended LEAD I last fall as an associate with about a year under my belt; LEAD II is our next-level training for colleagues who are transitioning to the engagement manager role. LEAD II was a fantastic opportunity to take a break amidst all that is going on, re-evaluate my priorities at McKinsey as I prepare to enter a new role, and connect with my classmates. McKinsey learning programs are amazing in that they’re global, so they are always a great way to meet other consultants from around the world and share experiences and viewpoints. This session was no exception!

The second highlight has been working on an exciting client engagement out in Los Angeles in the Media industry, working in a subject area I love, with great people. The content has more than made up for the long flight, and it was a great excuse to try a few new LA restaurants.

We’re also in the thick of our campus recruiting season in North America, which is always fun. I have been busy chatting with students and helping them prepare for their upcoming interviews. It’s fun to speak with our summer intern candidates and share my own experience as a summer associate three years ago—which seems like a long time ago already! It’s pretty crazy to think about everything that has been packed into my two years since I joined McKinsey full-time.

All in all, a busy fall!

Until next time,