Hello from our Tokyo office

Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you! I'm Emiri, an associate from Tokyo. I joined McKinsey almost a year ago and during that time had my second baby. In this blog, I would like to introduce the Tokyo office and write about my life as a working mother at McKinsey.
The Tokyo office is a lively and fun place. It is quite big in comparison to some other offices (almost 500 colleagues!) and has become very international in the last years. I am also happy to see more and more women joining the office, making it even more diverse. What is really important for me is that my colleagues are not only co-workers but also good friends, which creates a great atmosphere. 

Another cool thing about the office is the view! You can see the Tokyo tower, my favorite building in Tokyo, perfectly from the 32nd floor. How can you not love it!
Since my daughter is only five months old, I am not working full-time. Completing my work within my reduced working hours is not always easy, but I receive a lot of support and can balance this working style quite well. What is great about McKinsey is that you can always ask for help and people don't hesitate to offer support.  Of course, there are moments when balancing a demanding job with raising two young children becomes a challenge, but the supportive environment keeps me motivated to continue to do my best!
I recently joined a team with another working mom. It's a really great opportunity to exchange information and share experiences. We talk about the daily routine and hectic mornings before sending our children to the nursery school. We took this photograph at the top of the page by the famous Red Gate to the Tokyo University during a quick break after a business trip. Overall my life can get really busy at times, even outside of work, but every day is very fulfilling for me. 

Until next time,