Facilitating a women's learning program

Hi everyone,
I hope all of you readers are doing well. For my last post 2018, I wanted to share one of the highlights of my year.  I am passionate about helping fellow women succeed in their careers. To me, this is one way that I—as grand as it sounds—can change the world around me. To that end, I was particularly excited about about the opportunity to get involved in a new initiative.

Led by our recruitment managers Ewa and Kasia, our recruiting team in Central Europe ran a program called “SHE Leadership Workshops” aimed at helping recent female graduates and early-tenured professionals from the region develop their leadership skills. The program consisted of five virtual learning sessions covering a variety of topics.

I was happy to co-lead one of the learning sessions, focusing on positive framing, together with Barbora, our communications specialist and training expert. I shared my experience at McKinsey, self-reflecting on challenging situations I’ve faced and how I was able to perform at my best through re-framing my views on them. It was very rewarding to see that my stories resonated with those of the participants. The atmosphere throughout the learning session was very supportive, and we ran out of time because the participants were so interested in the discussion!

I have been very impressed with all women I met through this program, and was glad to share my career journey with them. I believe the participants benefited from spending time together with like-minded people, just as much as I did. I look forward to getting involved in more programs like this in 2019.

Happy new year!