Adulting on the go

Hello again! In my last post I shared one of the resolutions I made during a wonderful vacation in Cape Cod. My second resolution is to lean into ‘adulting on the go.’

What do I mean by this? Well, I am a serious planner, and have resorted to scheduling in blocks of time on my calendar that say “Me Time” during the day, so my assistant helps me keep them clear of stuff. I had a 10-year plan I drafted when I was a junior in college. I’ve thought about it many times over the past decade, but hadn’t taken the time to dig it out and really review it—but during my vacation, I did.

The consistency in my long-term aspirations is incredible, but my path has meandered significantly. Some of the most formative experiences of my life are ones I had not planned for and certainly wasn’t looking for… the relationship with my now ex-, taking six months off after grad school to lecture economics and start writing the book on my dad (my sister and I shared a mattress on the floor for a couple of these months because I had no income and had just left three years of grad school—it turns out that attending grad school is a highly effective way to work through your savings), serving as the manager on this crazy ag strategy project when I wanted to do something with social impact bonds instead…and more. Many of the things I had planned for are still not on the horizon. And I’m not sure they should be anymore.

So, contrary to drafting the next 10-year life plan as I was planning to while on the Cape, I wrote down three objectives for the next two years to keep me on track with my long-term aspirations. Note that these long-term aspirations are quickly becoming my mid-term aspirations as I accelerate towards the big 3-0 later this year…aaahhhhh! But I am leaving the rest to ‘adulting on the go’. May it bring me joy, happiness, learning and many steps closer to my public sector heart.

Finally, in ‘adulting on the go,’ I’m thinking about getting adult braces. I’ve thought about it for a while, but was told I’d have to remove my molars, push all my teeth back…sounded like a lot of work. My teeth are a little crooked on the bottom, but that’s not going to keep me from smiling a lot (I have a resting smiling face). But I had my wisdom teeth removed a while back, so when I saw my dentist recently, he said it is much simpler to put the braces in now. I would be all in, but my only concern is that I’ll look much younger than I am—and unfortunately, I work in many ageist environments. But my ‘adulting on the go’ approach says do itttttttt! So, I’ve booked another appointment with the dentist just in case. Watch this space.