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My McKinsey time – Zack

Zack went to work at WeWork after McKinsey. Find out what he misses most about McKinsey and what skills he uses most.

I’m a director of revenue growth at WeWork. I work with our head of growth on strategy and operations primarily across sales, marketing, channel partnerships, expansion and product. I joined after two years in McKinsey’s Washington, DC office. At McKinsey, I worked mostly in finance/private equity, technology and the public sector.

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What do you miss most from your days as a business analyst at McKinsey?

I always looked forward to Fridays in the office. DC had the best breakfast waiting for us as we arrived, and throughout the day the building was buzzing with people and filled with energy. I have awesome memories swapping stories from the week with colleagues and of the whole office taking a break to eat lunch together on the 10th floor.

What do you miss least?

I enjoyed traveling for studies, but I don’t miss racing to the airport on Monday mornings.

What skills do you still use today?

I use my synthesis and executive-level communication skills all the time. When I was at the firm, I took these so-called softer skills for granted. Now I find clear verbal communication more important than the perfect slide or model. In my years at McKinsey, I received more training in this area than I realized.

Do you keep in touch with McK colleagues?

Yes! Even though I live in New York, I regularly see good friends from DC who also moved here or are visiting. I usually don’t go more than a week without seeing someone I know through McKinsey.

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