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Contributing to social improvement, especially in Japan, energizes me and helps me stay happy and satisfied in my career.

I joined McKinsey in 2016, straight out of undergraduate. At the time, I did not know in which area I wanted to develop my expertise. McKinsey gave me the platform to try different things and experience projects in different sectors and industries. This helped me realize my passion for consumer-health related issues and social improvement because I can work toward making the world a better place. One of my projects involved developing the change management program for a healthcare company in Osaka. Through problem-solving discussions on the company’s corporate values and workshops with executives, we helped set the client’s long term strategy and improved healthcare access to more people.

Flexibility to recharge

The people at McKinsey make the firm a remarkable place. From my many projects, I’ve found all my team members respect each other’s lifestyles. Having support of mentors and colleagues to live my life to the fullest allows me to bring my best self to work every day. Our projects always kick off with team learning sessions, in which we share our strengths, goals, and lifestyle or working preferences. This approach allows me look after my physical and mental health—I cook regularly, go to the gym and exercise, and make sure I get enough sleep.

The work we do at McKinsey is rewarding and challenging. We help leaders solve some of the toughest business challenges, so I make sure to take advantage of the firm’s flexibility programs like Take Time, to recharge in between projects. I love knowing I have the explicit support from the firm to take additional time off. Last year, I travelled to 17 countries; I visited Tanzania and saw the amazing wildlife in the African savannas. The trip helped me realize that work is just a small part of what I do, and I’m better able to serve my clients if I take space to pursue my passions outside of the office in between engagements.

The culture and environment at McKinsey enable me to be my best self. Having the support to prioritize things that matter to me helps me stay healthy and lead productive teams. I’ve found happy teams give me energy too so being able to take care of myself is a win-win.

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