Leading digital transformations in China

I have worked as a software and cloud computing engineer in the McKinsey Shanghai office for six years. I started as a front-end developer and advanced to a digital consultant over that time.

What drew me to McKinsey was the variety the firm offers, enabling me to work across many industries. During my time here, I have forged deep client relationships, collaborated with brilliant colleagues, and worked with and learned about cutting-edge technologies and tools.

I can honestly say I have my dream job, and McKinsey has fully lived up to my expectations.

Supporting Chinese manufacturers through transformation

Vivi Jiang
Vivi Jiang

I help clients design and develop digital solutions. While I hold a technical position, success in my role relies on communication and listening. When I hammer out technical details as a developer, I collaborate closely with other consultants to ensure we’re meeting the needs of the client.

One of the many meaningful projects I've worked on was helping a leading Chinese manufacturer implement a customer-centric and agile transformation. To enable the organization to solve a challenge with the production line, we helped build a digital R&D lab and the first agile pilot team, which was able to launch a software minimum viable product (MVP) within a few weeks.

The work solved key pain points for the client, and by boosting this leading Chinese manufacturer in its digital transformation, we also played a role in transforming the greater Chinese manufacturing industry.

In my day-to-day work, I am mastering technology and leveraging it to drive change for clients and the world. I feel a strong sense of accomplishment, and it keeps me energized.

What makes McKinsey so unique

At McKinsey, I am exposed to a variety of technologies, experienced mentors, and excellent colleagues. I value the teamwork at McKinsey. We collaborate extensively, move forward despite difficulties, and solve thorny business problems together.

I am also empowered to explore many industries, and as I rise to meet challenges in these new-to-me industries, I am growing my tech and communication skills.

More about me

I travel as often as I can, and I love that McKinsey enables me to work in different cities, alongside other tech gurus. I enjoy photography, and I also love to cook in my spare time.

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