Support to grow and combine passion for people

I joined McKinsey’s Client Capabilities Network (CCN) in the Gurugram office after completing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai. I never imagined the firm would become my second home. McKinsey has provided a platform to work with people from different cultures and supported me to grow and become a people leader.

The power of effective communication

The first lesson I learned at McKinsey was how to effectively communicate and describe technical concepts to a non-technical audience. When I began my journey, I only knew how to use technical language when describing my work to team members and clients. Mentors and colleagues took time to coach me and give me helpful feedback on how to simplify my communications so those without context and technical experience could easily understand my recommendations. Being able to translate technical details into business language is one of the most powerful skills I’ve learned at McKinsey.

Experiencing different countries and cultures

Support to grow and combine passion for people
Support to grow and combine passion for people

I am part of the Operations Analytics team. We integrate analytical findings into business solutions to develop actionable recommendations and help companies unlock new sources of value. The experience has broadened my expertise and perspective. I’ve worked on projects related to call center optimization and solving for the right number of warehouses in a supply chain. I was part of an optimization project for a client who was struggling to design a schedule for employees to answer its call center calls. I leveraged analytics to determine the right number of representatives needed during peak and off-peak hours, which resulted in higher customer satisfaction and a better overall experience.

Over time, I’ve developed a strong interest in contact centers. I have visited more than 100 call centers in fifteen countries (pre COVID-19). Working overseas has exposed me to different countries and cultures, their similarities and country-specific best practices. From my experiences, I learned it is very important for an organization to communicate and align its vision with the call center to reduce employee turnover. This way, members of the call center can be committed to the organization’s strategy and help deliver on it.

My teams have supported me all along the way. I love working with global experts who support and push me to take my thinking further.

A truly global firm

Support to grow and combine passion for people
Support to grow and combine passion for people

Working overseas was my goal and I had never traveled or worked outside of India before McKinsey. I still remember the feeling of excitement when I boarded the plane on my first overseas project.

Three years ago, I moved to our office in Waltham, Massachusetts. While in India, I supported many US clients with international call centers, and developed expertise in contact centers. To grow professionally, I wanted to work more closely with US companies. When I raised the idea with my mentor and professional development team, they were immediately supportive. The next thing I knew, I was connected with the right resources and planning my relocation. Since moving to Waltham, I’ve grown my expertise and network in the customer care community.

I am grateful to be part of a global firm that supports me with mentors and sponsors who help me navigate my journey. In the US, I work with clients with more than 1,000 customer representatives as we improve their customer service together. It is extremely rewarding to make a difference in the work of so many individuals.

Additionally, I combined my expertise in call centers with my passion for people when I presented my learnings to 100+ client executives. This is something I never imagined at such an early stage in my career.

Giving back to the firm

As I grow in my role, I realized the power of giving back and the importance of supporting junior tenured colleagues. I would not be where I am today without the support of my colleagues and mentors, many of whom had such faith in me and supported me unconditionally. I am trying to do the same. Currently, I lead a global team of more than 20 colleagues in our Client Capabilities Network. I carve out time to connect individually with each to understand their personal aspirations and identify opportunities for growth. I mentor five colleagues, and have helped several of my team members gain international project experience.

When friends ask what keeps me at McKinsey, my immediate response is, “I have the support to be my best self.”

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More about Vinay

Vinay holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from IIT in Mumbai. Vinay’s work focuses on leveraging advanced analytics to help clients achieve the best customer service.

Outside of work, Vinay enjoys reading books, hiking and travelling (pre COVID-19).

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