Going back to Romania

My path to McKinsey

After completing my computer science master’s degree at Delft University of Technology, I accepted a business–IT consultant role with IBM Global Business Services in Amsterdam. This was a great place to learn what it means to be a consultant. However, during my three years there, I realized most of my work was at an operational level. I desired to work on the broader, higher level digital strategy of companies. McKinsey enabled me to work at this level. A native of Romania, I was drawn to McKinsey’s Bucharest office to be closer to my family while being surrounded by top-educated colleagues from whom I can learn and working on important digital challenges for clients in Romania and the region. Initially, I wasn’t sure if a strategy consulting company would be a perfect fit, given my computer science background. However, I joined and was pleased to see that McKinsey offers an unrivaled mix of people, skills, and tools to make sure we can help clients develop better, more efficient digital products and services. I am excited to be part of that.


Diverse, meaningful client work

I collaborate directly with clients and McKinsey experts to define the digital and IT strategies of the organizations I serve. I typically work with large companies in banking, telecom and automotive, so my work has the potential to make a large impact. My favorite engagement so far was helping to shape an IT organization and define the client’s digital strategy around smart mobility and sustainable transportation. We redefined the organization’s operating model to foster collaboration between IT and the businesses and feed innovations directly into product design. I learned a lot about the industry and enjoyed spending my energy on work that will benefit the company, society, and the environment.

The People at McKinsey Bucharest

The Bucharest office feels like a group of very smart close friends who have authentic care for and interest in one another. We are eager to help each other –with everything from the challenges we face on individual projects to the decisions we make to carve our career paths. This camaraderie extends into our personal lives; for example, a colleague helped me move when I switched apartments. It is not uncommon to grab a drink after work on Fridays or travel with colleagues to spend a weekend in the mountains.


Advice for those considering McKinsey

We all have something amazing to give. No matter your background or your strengths, trust you will contribute to helping our clients. McKinsey will give you the opportunity to work on some of the biggest challenges in society and business, so join us and be part of defining tomorrow.

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