Leaving industry for a career in consulting

I studied operations research at Stony Brook University in the US and got a master’s degree there. After graduation, I joined a global beer company and worked for four years in revenue management and distribution network management, first as a revenue manager and then as a wholesaler manager.

I joined McKinsey in February 2021 as a junior associate to continue expanding my knowledge in different industries and to learn from the great minds here.

My role at McKinsey

Now, I am a management consultant, which means I work with clients to structure their problems, identify, and oftentimes, implement potential solutions. The purpose of my job is to understand the clients’ goals and bring together the right resources and knowledge.

My advice for transitioning from industry to consulting

Switching from industry to consulting is like switching from a specialist to a generalist. Those who make the move must prepare to be pushed out of their comfort zone, learn new things fast, and prioritize making sense of the bigger picture instead of deliberating over the details.

On joining McKinsey during a global pandemic

I got my start here when the pandemic was still causing wide-spread global disruption. Social distancing certainly impacts how we work, especially given that meeting with clients face-to-face has often been a big part of how we serve clients. But the firm has provided great support, we have the tech needed to be effective remotely, and our clients have appreciated our help. Health and safety are top of mind for our teams as well as our client teams so we work together to continue to solve problems and innovate. McKinsey also covers COVID tests and keeps us updated on COVID news and staying healthy. I am grateful I joined McKinsey and can continue to work during the pandemic.

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More about Tung

I love high-energy activities, and recently I’ve tried roller-skating and standup paddleboarding. Those activities help me connect with my family and friends, but also help me overcome my fear. I have acrophobia, a severe fear of heights, so I push myself to overcome it through outdoor activities. Two of my biggest achievements have been conquering six 15-meter rock-climbing walls in Ho Chi Minh City in just one afternoon, and I did a 26-meter straight-down waterslide in Bali.

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