Every day a new discovery

Thomas on a foggy beach in Australia
Thomas on a foggy beach in Australia

Every day discovery

If there is one word that characterises my first year at McKinsey, it's discovery. Since my first day as a business analyst, I have been consistently challenged by new ways of thinking, new problems and new teams across an array of sectors.

In my first week, I joined my cohort of new hires on a week of training in Sydney. Over five fast-paced and exhilarating days, we were introduced to new ways of tackling problems, including design thinking and advanced analytics. Many of us felt out of our comfort zone as we stepped into a new role that was nothing like our university courses…and that was just the first week!

Within the next few months, I jumped headfirst into new topics – from electricity generation to government transformations; from banking to life insurance. The learning curve was steep and incredibly rewarding. In one client project, I learned about the Australian energy sector for the first time. Every day, I was introduced to new concepts, ideas and challenges, all while learning about cutting-edge technologies from experts in the field. At the end of the project, I felt like I had built lasting knowledge I would carry forward for the rest of my career. I now have a deeper appreciation for the complex network of people and technology that powers our cities, which makes me feel more confident when presenting to senior clients.

International colleagues

Throughout these projects, I've discovered the power of global collaboration. In my first few engagements, I experienced the thrill and excitement of working with international teams for the first time. I worked with local teams in Victoria, Canberra and Sydney, as well as international teams in Singapore, the United States and Europe. At McKinsey, you are part of a global network, with colleagues and friends in every corner of the globe.

Overall, working at McKinsey has fuelled my lifelong passion for learning. Every day, I'm pushed to use new ways of thinking to solve complex problems with different people across the world. One of my learnings from this year is that diverse teams drive better answers. I’ve worked with a wide variety of colleagues, each of whom bring a different lens to team problem-solving sessions. Some bring brilliant structure and rigor; others bring a wealth of client empathy and clear communication skills. As a first-year business analyst, I’m thrilled to work with such diverse teams and draw on their expertise to accelerate my own development. I'm grateful for this opportunity and I can't wait to discover what's next.

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