Pushing beyond your limits

Consulting for McKinsey has been the most exciting step in my career. I love the pace and adrenaline rush throughout the day as we work hard to help business leaders solve their most pressing challenges. And there is so much variety in the work I do. In addition to tech, I have gained experience on software R&D cost reduction, digital transformations, procurement and corporate functions. Having worked in industry and for several global consulting firms, I can honestly say, this variety can only happen at McKinsey.

People first

The people are what make the firm an exceptional place. I am excited to work with the best people to develop optimal solutions with our clients. I have access to an entire network of global experts, and the supportive culture encourages me to take on new challenges and build new skills. Support from my mentors and colleagues gives me the confidence to choose projects outside my comfort zone. In one instance, I led an R&D and logistics cost reduction project for an automotive parts client. I soon realized the scope of work exceeded what I could deliver alone. I knew my team leaders would be supportive if I was honest about that. After I voiced this concern, I found myself managing a small team formed to support me so we could deliver the best solution to the client.

Only at McKinsey

This project not only expanded my expertise, but helped me build my team management and leadership skills. The culture at the firm constantly pushes me to be my best. I would not have acquired the skills I’ve gained in my two years at McKinsey anywhere else.

More about Shinobu
Shinobu is an associate with McKinsey’s Digital practice. His work focuses on advanced industries, procurement, large scale corporate digital transformations, and software development process improvement.

Outside of work, Shinobu enjoys exercising, trying different restaurants and watching movies.

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