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An expert in software makes a transition to the cloud

At McKinsey, Rohit has fulfilled a career goal of moving into cloud infrastructure, learned from some of the smartest people across the globe and invested in himself.

I joined McKinsey’s Bengaluru office in May 2017 after a decade of experience in the software field. Back then, I could never have predicted the firm would have such a positive impact on my life.

Steering my career in another direction

I had experience in software architecture and leading teams to develop applications. I wanted to work on cloud infrastructure, but I found it wasn’t easy to move into the cloud space. I heard about an Azure cloud accelerator product, which was just starting at McKinsey. The product lead was looking to put a client team together for it; he hosted a presentation to share his knowledge and bring interested folks together on one platform.

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I attended, asked plenty of questions to understand the scope, and was impressed with what I heard. Later, I emailed him to express my interest in joining the team and explained how my experience would benefit the project. I was brought onboard within a week. And I have been working on cloud infrastructure since.

As an Azure cloud architect, I have traveled across the world (pre COVID-19) and helped clients on their digital transformation journeys.

Feeling connected with colleagues across the globe

Having all our colleagues on a real time messaging tool like Slack really helps me feel connected. From receiving help to learning from each other‘s shared experiences – every workday adds to my knowledge.

Having worked in different offices and with colleagues from around the world helps me see how the firm values inclusive and diverse teams, and has broadened my perspective. I once attended a firm event in Lisbon. Several of us were visitors to the office, but the speakers and content were very relevant. The local colleagues also made us feel like we were part of their team. Small gestures like this make me feel valued as a member of the firm.

Investing in myself

Since I started working, my focus has always been on doing good work. I didn’t focus much on self-improvement, be it technical certifications or soft skills.

After joining the firm, I was surprised by how active the Learning team is and how much I could develop my skills using all the training materials available to us. I was motivated to focus on self-development by more tenured experts in the firm who shared their own learning journeys with me.

Initially, I focused on technical learning. McKinsey connected me with learning platforms which encouraged me to keep going for more certifications. Later, I went about improving my soft skills, such as focused communications, storytelling, and managing difficult conversations through internal learning sessions offered by the firm. I also discovered the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), which helped me understand how people can differ from each other and how to communicate effectively.

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My favorite training experience was in the US, which was a week of training for experienced individuals like myself. One of the sessions called Labyrinth involved taking a silent walk across a path laid out in a dark hall, which prompted us to halt at different stages of life and reflect. I stayed for at least two hours in the hall. It was an eye opener for me, and I was able to think about what mattered to me and set some priorities for my life. It’s been a couple of years since the training, and I still reflect on the wonderful experience.

McKinsey enabled me to fast track my career and diversify in a variety of technologies and domains. I’ve gained professional skills I had long desired and improved on the personal front, as well.

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More about Rohit:

Rohit is a digital technology specialist with McKinsey Digital in Bengaluru. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Mumbai University in India. At McKinsey, Rohit’s work focuses on technology in the global energy and materials sector.

Outside of work Rohit enjoys reading, blogging, playing chess and watching sci-fi series.